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The Political Reality in Santa Clara County's Government


Misuse of Taxpayer Money

Here are years of documented evidence of what your tax dollars pay for in Santa Clara County:


Frivolous and Unnecessary Expenditures

County Rebranding Image

A year ago the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors proposed spending more than $1 million for a New York PR firm to rebrand the County's image. Thanks to dedicated veteran journalist Scott Herhold exposing this fiasco, the Board of Supervisors had to cancel such proposal: 

Sterling-silver badges the Coroner’s Office

Two years, Santa Clara County taxpayers were forced to foot the bill for sterling-silver badges in the Coroner’s Office:


Using Taxpayer Money to Pay Millionaire Lawsuits Cover Corruption and Official Misconduct

Rather than eliminate corruption and do the right thing for County workers and taxpayers, the County of Santa Clara uses our tax dollars to settle lawsuits and hire County Counsel Attorneys to cover up and protect incompetence and abuse.

Although most of the lawsuits against the County are quietly settled, the lawsuit by Dr. Dean Winslow against the County of Santa Clara brings up light to this crisis and misuse of our tax dollars:

And last year, the payment of $1.5 million lawsuit paid to Valley Medical Center Psychiatrist Jan Weber after being fired for reporting numerous complaints about substandard patient care and unsafe working conditions.


Poor Leadership & Lack of Accountability

Santa Clara County has a leadership crisis that has resulted in millions of wasted tax dollars.

Santa Clara County taxpayers spent over $11million dollars on hospital equipment that went out missing:

Over Budget and Delayed Valley Medical Center Renovation:


Abuse of Power

Bullying of citizens exposing abuse of power:


Santa Clara County Exposed
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