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Regardless of your political affiliation, faith, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, or personal beliefs, official misconduct, corruption, and wrongdoing in the County of Santa Clara affects all of us.

Santa Clara County government always has taken pride in claim to be one of the most progressive Counties not only in California, but in the entire nation.

However, a parallel dark reality unbeknown to most of Santa Clara County residents has existed in the County for some many years.

Those who are aware of this are sick and tired to see how tax dollars are being wasted in protecting corruption, expanding unnecessary bureaucracy, and investing in things irrelevant to the welfare and best interest of taxpayers.

Behind its progressive facade, Santa Clara County has a regressive crisis that some know about but few dare to speak up for fear of retaliation. Poor leadership has resulted in millions of tax dollars annually being wasted that could have been utilized in improving county services that benefit our community and save taxpayers from future tax increase ballot measures.

Santa Clara County's lack of government transparency is apparent when one looks behind the curtain to see when it comes to how our tax dollars are spent, with many expenses quietly being approved in consent agendas that few people follow (Thanks Mr. Scott Herhold for exposing some of this wasteful expending). This lack of transparency hurts taxpayer's trust in our government.

Under the current government citizens are regularly excluded and kept in the dark from decisions affecting their communities, families, and personal well-being. Private independent audits of departments and agencies reviews of institutions that render services to the public needs to be done regularly and reported to its residents they serve. In addition our County leaders must welcome citizens' input and implement suggestions that germinate from the first hand experience of those who utilize these services.

In addition, Santa Clara County has a well-known crisis of cronyism that harms the quality of the services taxpayers receive. Loyalty, relationships, and political comraderie are rewarded with positions of power over knowledge, performance, experience, and ethics, thus endangering the welfare of citizens who depend upon County’s services.

This crisis has been going on for such long, that after years of tirelessly fighting for a change without any success, some residents have sadly come to accept it as the normal state of affairs in the County of Santa Clara. In any civil society, such state of affairs is reprehensible; but in a so called "progressive" County such state of affairs is the highest possible form of betrayal to its people. 

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