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Exposing Santa Clara County Social Services Agency and DAAS

I am sharing a video of yesterday’s Children’s Seniors and Families Committee.

My testimonial exposes the reality that many seniors and the disabled experience in Santa Clara County. The County Board of Supervisors are well aware of the failure of James Ramoni and Robert Menicocci to deliver quality care and services to seniors entrusted in their care. Their neglect and incompetence is hurting the most vulnerable.

In the private sector these individuals would have been fired long time ago. Why is the County of Santa Clara allowing these individuals to operate with impunity and break the law? It is beyond my understanding.

These people must be investigated and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

When it comes to marketing and publicity the County of Santa Clara does an amazing job promoting itself. For those who just look at the appearances and County’s promotional events and ceremonials, the work done on behalf of Santa Clara County Seniors is amazing. Yet, there is another reality that many do not know, and those who know about it either condone it or are afraid to speak up for fear of retaliation and being booed by the establishment.

Government corruption is not OK and must not be excused or tolerated, even when it is perpetrated by our friends, political allies, and those who have given us public recognitions, awards and rewards. If we truly stand for justice, then we must stand for justice for all. If we denounce abuse and wrongdoing, then we must denounce it all. If we condemn corruption and authoritarianism, we must start at home.

For the authenticity and truth of our words is undeniably validated or refuted as we act upon what is wrong at home. As the Mexican adage says” “el buen Juez por su casa empieza,” in English “cleaning begins at home.”

For years the County Board of Supervisors has known about these abuses and have done nothing. The Board of Supervisors has failed Santa Clara County taxpayers, County employees, and the general public. I am appalled that in many cases naturalized citizens like me have much more respect for the law and the people of this country than some elected officials in Santa Clara County.


*Click on below video to see testimonials


Santa Clara County Exposed
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