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Your Vote is Your Voice

A powerful and eloquent speech to remind us all that our voice is our vote, our power is our vote.

We have a problem when the priorities of our elected officials fail to reflect the needs of the people who put them in power. In Santa Clara County the Board of Supervisors has failed children, seniors and the most vulnerable of our population by misusing and wasting millions of tax dollars to pay lawsuits against the County in order to protect incompetence, abuse, and corruption while neglecting for years the needs of children, seniors, and women in this County.

Enough is enough. Years of track record of abuse and neglect speak louder than false promises. It is time to reclaim a transparent, ethical, and accountable government through electing candidates who with their actions demonstrate their
care and true desire to serve our community, not their own personal self-serving political agenda.

Santa Clara County Exposed
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