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These videos document the real face of politics in Santa Clara County and what our tax dollars for years have financed: From mistreatment of women, waste of taxpayer money, lack of government transparency and accountability, to bullying of government whistleblowers... This is the face of Santa Clara County's fake progressive politics, and what many people are unaware of and some others refuse to see.



The true state of Women's Rights in Santa Clara County.



Valley Medical Center

For almost 20 years patient safety has sadly been compromised at Valley Medical Center due to the lack of coded nursing positions that are needed to ensure that the hospital retains highly trained, experienced and qualified nurses.

VMC's nurses have been bringing to the Board of Supervisors attention for many years the fact that cutting corners only endangers patients' health, and staff safety, and puts additional burden on experienced nursing staff.  For the fact is VMC is constantly train new nurses only to lose these nurses to other hospitals offering higher pay once they have been trained for several months at VMC.  And that training costs about $80,000 per trained nurse.

If the County of Santa Clara was not wasting millions of our tax dollars paying million dollar lawsuits brought against the County due to retaliation against whistleblowers for exposing government incompetence and corruption, that money could be use to pay fair market wages to Valley Medical Center Nurses.

For years, it has been the fact that the priority for the County of Santa Clara's elected officials and the Office of the County Executive is to protect corruption and incompetent executive managers rather than ensuring the County's hospital has qualified nursing staff.

As of January 15, 2019 this is still the case...



Denouncing DA's office potential spying on Santa Clara County Citizens.



Exposing violation of Federal and State Court Law in Santa Clara County. Local judges create and implement their own rules to silence system critics and dissenters.



The above video exposes one of the biggest government scams paid with our tax dollars in Santa Clara County. When a person lacks the money to hire legal representation they are assigned a Public Defender. But if that person is fighting against the County's corruption and abuse of power, then they will be assigned an attorney from the Independent Defense Counsel Office (IDO) to supposedly avoid conflict of interest on the part of the County.

In reality, the IDO in most cases will do nothing for the individual. People experiencing this situation have come to realize that once they appear before the judge with an attorney from the IDO's office, despite the atrocities and injustices committed against the individual, their claims will be dismissed and they will never see justice in Santa Clara County's legal system, as the fix is in.



Santa Clara County's corrupt legal system exposed.

I was here when this incident took place last year. I was invited by Mr. Largent and Mr. Alexander to witness the IDO's system in action. Mr. Alexander was assigned IDO attorney Thomson Sharkey to represent him in a case against the County of Santa Clara. For a year Mr. Sharkey billed County taxpayers for representing Mr. Alexander, yet when Mr. Alexander and Mr. Largent confronted Mr. Sharkey, they discovered Mr. Sharkey had done nothing for Mr. Alexander. After one year of billing Santa Clara County taxpayers, the ONLY documents found in Mr. Sharkey's possession regarding Mr. Alexander's case against the County of Santa Clara was the original documentation provided as evidence and defense by Mr. Alexander, along with Mr. Sharkey's latest billing to Santa Clara County taxpayers for "representing" Mr. Alexander...

Santa Clara County Exposed
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